School Management System

Our Approach

School Management System is a cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of modules that supports the basic internal business processes of institute. It gives the institute an integrated real-time view of its core business processes such as fees collection, admission processing, salary processing, keeping track of defaulters and inventory management, tied together by ERP applications software and a common database maintained by a database management systems.

Inventory Management is a web based and cloud deployment application. This provides you various flexible options on hosting your application. You may choose to host the application on your own servers or deploy it on cloud with service provider of your choice.

  • Feature List
    • Streamline the education process
    • Dashboard for Management, Principal to manage all the data at their fingertip
    • Eliminating the redundancy of data management and developing a strong and stable management system for an education institute
    • Access from anywhere, anytime
    • Develop a platform to offer endless possibilities for leverage internet technology for exposure, knowledge gaining and sharing
    • The higher Management at a glance can see the entire income, expenses of the school
    • Bring down administrative cost
    • Fee Administration simplified
    • Exclusive Private and Secure Database