About Us

Who We Are

As an IT company, our aim is to ensure that IT simply works for our clients, assisting them to achieve business objectives through the use of intelligent technology solutions. We offer an extensive range of technology services and IT solutions which have proven to solidify and complement our client's business operations. We continue to raise our client’s customer service expectations through innovation and common sense.

Our IT company consists of intelligent, experienced IT consultants and staff who enjoy providing high quality, effective IT solutions to our clients and share our aim to make IT just simply work. We are committed to maintaining and building experience and certification within our team of professionals.

Our infrastructure and management solutions are developed based on a strong understanding of our client's business operations. We guarantee our solutions and stand by our recommendations.

What We Do

Our customers are typically mid-sized firms; already established in their market and are actively looking to transform into the next stage of their business or solidify their existing position through improvement. They know what they need to do to get there, but they need a helping hand to do so.

That's where we come in, we specialise in looking at your existing business processes and systems and identifying what can be done in order to help you take that next big step. Obviously there is a whole bunch of technical stuff which goes on under the covers, but we won't bore you with that here (see: Development Process).

There are two main outcomes we are concerned with:
  • Return-on-Investment

    Anything we implement must result in a marked improvement for the business in efficiency and thus profits. Every system must pay for itself.

  • User Acceptance

    Every system must be highly user-friendly, after-all, the system will likely be used daily by customers or staff, and as such, they should love doing so.


  • Simplification of existing processes

    Your existing business systems are overly complex and require too many steps to do something simple. These steps take time, which you could be using better to focus on your business and customers. Time is money, lets make your systems work for you, not against you.

  • Automation of manual processes

    We all have seen and are subjected to this kind of problem, some horrible manual process which is brain numbing and chews up hours and hours of time for yourself and your staff, however, it needs to be completed for whatever reason. Wouldn't it be great if we could automate this process so all you had to do was click a button? We once saved a legal firm over 100+ hours a week of administrative time as hours worked were manually being typed from one system to another, instead of an automated process! Imagine the savings!

  • Introduction of Technology to processes

    Maybe you have some part of your business which could be better handled by technology? For example, do you have to email customers manually to remind them to settle accounts? Why not have this automatically handled, and then you can focus on more value adding business priorities.

  • Custom business solutions

    Can you find off-the shelf packaged software that meets your needs and that “fits” your business and the way that you work? Or does it force you to fit it? Well, you need customized software – software that is designed to fit your business, software that lets you run your business without having to deal with endless workarounds and over-complication.