Point Of Sale


POS Management empowers the growing companies to manage the major function of their business more effectively.

The company’s fully integrated business management software, POS Management addresses the unique needs of the companies in the wholesale/ distribution and retail industries by allowing them to quickly manage and track their business operations online and offline from store front to the front –and back-office.

POS Management Software is committed to provide customers with the service, support, and expertise they require to increase efficiency and profitability with a solution that provides an unmatched rapid return on investment.

System - Feature List
Customer Data

A good POS can help convert the data on customer's profile into information. As a use case, it will let the purchase team know what products the customers buy more frequently and thus the team can place orders accordingly.

Inventory Tracking

A POS should make the inventory management process effortless. One should be able to monitor all the critical information about the store from individual transactions to purchases.

Fast Checkout

Retail POS software simplifies the checkout process. This means that it does not take the sales team's much manual effort to complete a transaction.

Capabilities for multiple location / Mobility

A good POS should also offer online access which helps you stay connected with the business from anywhere remotely. It is a convenient feature for franchises and businesses having more than one location.

Stock Transfer

Stock can be easily transferred from one store to another, which leads to maintaining hassle free inventory, system will manage stock of both the store at individual level.

Reporting Tools

Every Retail POS should have a reporting feature which is user friendly. It should store information such as product styles or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.