Ecommerce Jewellery Portal : Orsuq

Requirement :

The Client had witnessed the hefty prices for jewellery all around with very limited options. They decided to revolutionise this scenario. The idea was conceived, with an aim to showcase the finest jewellery & purity, by providing best prices to the customers.

Astral Solution :

Astral Provided a Solution by Developing an Ecommerce Portal, Which made vendor to get register which the client had tie up with, so individual vendor overall PAN india were able to list their product and accordingly Customer were getting benefited which Design arriving directly from the Manufacturer.

Gold and diamond rates were calculated according to the Standard, Individual breakup were shown for individual product.

There were Feature Like Book an appointment with Designers were Customers were able to interact with Designer for their customise requirements.

Customer were able to Submit their Design which could lead platform create Product for them and get it delivered.

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