Multiple Shop Management

Client Introduction :

MADISON is a boutique on Peddar Road. It is a brand new high street label for womens clothing and accessories. They are an in house label and take great pride in our quality, designs, cuts, exclusivity. They do limited pieces in each design at an affordable price. Our ensembles are classic with an edge. They have created a MADISON CULTURE as we call it which makes the cutomer feel great when they visit our store

Requirement :

They were coming up with multiple stores, managing & tracking all the store from single location was difficult in terms of stock, payment, customer management, Stock going out for exhibition were not able to track back. Presenting at different location at same time were also not feasible.

Astral Solution :

We created a centralized system, where Head office can track each and everything happening at store location, HO on real time basis can see the stock lying at different stores, Product were centralized.

Stock Transfer from store to store was streamline, all the stores were interlinked with HO, Customers data were centralized, a customer shopping at one location can be identified at another location. Customer History can be identified.

Stock going out for temporary basis in terms of shoots or different reasons were tracked with respect to their due date and were added back to the stock.

Store wise Stock, Payment, Customer Data, Vendor Data were captured and individual store can process at their level. Entire System was automize through Barcode system for tracking the stock.

Result :
  • Streamlining the Process in terms of stock management
  • Real time data of any product at any store
  • Customer Data became centralized, so same customer who shops at multiple location can be tracked in terms of analysis.
  • It became easy for them to manage Multiple store from single location.
  • On the go itself on the Phone they were able to check Status of any shop.
  • Dashboard helps them to track due dates, order & alteration dates as a notification reminder.