Lotus minechem

Client Introduction :

Lotus Minechem is a company which believes that an renewable economy has arrived. Their part is to create an effective way of farming. This company engages in trading of non- edible and edible oils, biodiesel production animal premixes. With their growing technology their goal is to cater the ever growing requirement of bio-diesel.

Requirement :

They had one problem which was they couldn’t keep a check on their products their work was scattered and they couldn’t maintain any records. They also had difficulty in tracking the products as the office used to operate from Andhra Pradesh and the owner was situated in US.

Astral Solution :

We provided to them an integrated solution which was by streamlining the work.

Challenges :

They made use of tablets in which all the work was done easily and a record about each employee could be maintained and also a record could be kept about the employees and due to which employee the work was being delayed. They were mobile responsive.

Results :

Now they could easily keep a check on their products and also the progress in the work that was taking place in a better manner. The process became faster without any delays and also a check on the various activities could be recorded easily.