Cafe management System

Requirement :

The client had seen a concept for cafee internationally were rates of product were changing on the basis of demands and supply on regular basis. Tablet should be given to the customer for placing order so they did not visit the counter. On similar lines the concept was required to be implemented.

Astral Solution :

We created a setup were a system was developed which had admin panel for entering product, rates which were used to reflect to the customer end on their tablet.

A TV screen was setup were products rates were fluctuating depending on the demand and supply of individual product. This created a great impact on the customer.

Customer were able to book their order on their tablet places next to their table, the real time rates of the product could reflect their which was billed at the invoice.

separate counter for billing were also setup at the admin side, were all the order were accepted and admin can himself verify and on a click of button generate a bill, collect the payment.

Reports were generated at the end of the day in terms of orders, payment. They were able to compare the sales from last week to this week for weekly analysis.

Result :

A long waiting queue at the counter got reduced. Customer were able to browse the menu with a different experience which used to show product image as well to give them more clarity of what they are ordering.

They were able to easily generate order taken by customers in to invoice. Real time reports on regular intervals with comparison reports for weekly trend. TV screen with rates fluctuation created a new experience for user with greater impact on the customers.