Apparel Manufacturer

Our Approach :

A shoe manufacture earlier used to take orders on phone and write in his books, which was very complicated for him to manage their orders for processing, he was not aware about how many orders have arrived with same article code. Raw material purchase when to purchase was not easy to calculate, difficulty in tracking products in production process, how many very actually produced and how many delivered to the client, which goods need to be dispatch and payment processing was manual.

Astral Solution :

We have automize he process by maintaining his inventory which will give him an idea about raw material required to be purchased, direct entry of order from the customer, job card creation allocation to the master, barcode used to be generated for the product to be dispatch, Tracking of Payment collection became easier as goods where created and dispatch.

Tracking of Good lying at which client and in what quantity was easily tracked, Outstanding payment report gave the client the clear picture of the overall business process.